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ORLEN Group 2016 Integrated Report

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2017−2021 strategy


Pillars of the strategy for 2017−2021

The vision for growth set out in the new strategy fits well with global trends in energy sources, technological progress and social shifts, which are bound to create new consumer behaviours and expectations. PKN ORLEN aims to focus on solidifying its market position, becoming more customer-oriented, exploiting the integrated value chain, with a growing role of the petrochemical business, and cautious continuation of upstream projects. Strong focus on innovation with value-creating potential is another vital element of the strategy.

Integrated assets and strong market position
of the Downstream segment
  • Security of raw materials supplies
  • Operational excellence
  • Effective sales strategy
Development of the product and service range
and high customer satisfaction in the Retail segment
  • Modern service station network
  • Unique purchasing experience
  • Operational excellence
Cautious continuation strategy
in the Upstream sector
  • Increased production in Poland and Canada
  • Cautious continuation
Solid foundations
  • Investment-grade rating
  • Financial leverage below 30%
Secured financing
  • Diversified financing sources
  • Non-organic growth opportunities
Dividend paid
  • Consistent growth of dividend per share
  • Dividend amount dependent on financial position
Innovations that create value
  • Culture of innovation
  • Internal and external innovations
Focus on safety and the environment
  • No accidents at work
  • Process safety
  • Care for the natural environment
Actions motivated by ORLEN’s core values
  • Responsibility
  • Development
  •  People
  • Energy
  • Reliability

Key financial and operating targets for 2017−2018

The rapidly changing market environment will drive the Company to adjust its planning horizon. Consequently, its goals and aspirations are presented differently in the new strategy. The time horizon for strategic directions is five years, but specific financial and operating targets cover only 2017 and 2018 given the strong volatility of the macro environment.

Key objectives of the PKN ORLEN strategy for 2017−2018:




Strategic assumptions by segment

1) Quantitative indicators pertain to the 2018 target relative to 2016.
2) 2016 EBITDA and capital expenditure are based on forecast performance in 2016, as specified in the strategy of the ORLEN Group which was presented on December 16th 2016.
3) Of which, 2016 − Poland: PLN 0.2bn, Canada: PLN 0,4bn; 2017−2018 average − Poland PLN 0.4bn, Canada: PLN 0.4bn.

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