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ORLEN Group 2016 Integrated Report

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Communication with the capital market


One of the key tools for communication with representatives of the capital market is the Investor Relations section on the corporate website at, which is presented both in Polish and in English. The Investor Relations section contains information communicated mainly to investors and analysts. It includes:

The Investor Relations section also contains a corporate governance tab, which is where the Company’s annual reports on compliance with WSE best practices, as well as the Code of Best Practice for WSE Listed Companies itself, can all be downloaded. In addition, it presents a brief statement of the best practices applied by the Company, and all other information required by the Code.

The General Meeting tab in the Investor Relations section contains complete documentation and information concerning the Company’s General Meetings and a contact form relating to the GM.

The Company offers multiple opportunities to its shareholders, investors and stock exchange analysts to gain knowledge about its business. PKN ORLEN’s website presents expert publications and coverage of industry conferences, and includes an expert blog from PKN ORLEN’s Chief Economist (, with his comments on current market developments. The Company also posts short communications via its Twitter account (

In addition, PKN ORLEN maintains direct contacts with the capital market through regular meetings with investors and analysts in Poland and abroad. It holds general-access conferences following all major corporate events such as the publication of quarterly results or strategy announcements, which are web-streamed along with simultaneous interpretation into English.

Furthermore, the Company organises one-on-one and group meetings, as well as conference calls with capital market stakeholders.

Roadshows for Polish and foreign investors are held on a regular basis. Market participants can attend site visits to meet PKN ORLEN’s key management personnel at the head office and in other locations where the Company operates.

PKN ORLEN also organises Investor and Analyst Days, during which thematic workshops are conducted by Management Board members, executive directors and other selected managers to present various aspects of the Company’s activity. In 2016, the Company held meetings with 358 representatives of financial institutions (including 153 Polish and 205 foreign organisations) and participated in 11 investor conferences.

In 2016, for the fourth year running, PKN ORLEN paid a dividend of PLN 2 per share to its shareholders.

The Company makes every effort to publish its periodic reports as soon as it is practicable after the close of a reporting period. In 2016, quarterly and half-year reports were published on average 23 days after the end of the period, and full-year reports were published 84 days after the end of the year.

Capital market participants appreciate the Company’s efforts, as reflected in the awards and distinctions received by the Company in 2016:

Company response in case of public opinion emerging concerning information which may injure its reputation

In PKN ORLEN, there is an internal regulation in force, concerning the rules for engaging in activity which forms the image of the Company and contact with mass media representatives as well as passing on information, relevant to the image of PKN ORLEN, to the Corporate Communication Department’s Executive Director. This regulation obliges participants to engage in a multistage verification of the information concerning the Company and its representatives before it’s made public.

The above regulation also sets out the rules of reaction in a situation where opinions and information expressed in public by third parties may harm the reputation of the Company. The person responsible for the coordination of this process is the Executive Director of the Corporate Communication Department.

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