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ORLEN Group 2016 Integrated Report

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Core Values and Standards of Conduct


The ‘Core Values and Standards of Conduct’ of PKN ORLEN S.A. offer guidance on relationships inside and outside the Company. The document regulates our relationships with trading partners, local communities and competitors.

The document ‘Core Values and Standards of Conduct‘ of PKN ORLEN S.A. covers all ethical issues. It serves as a guide to the Company’s relationships with internal Stakeholders and the external business environment – including trading partners, local communities, the natural environment, and competitors. It promotes the fair treatment of all employees and customers regardless of their age, sex, job, denomination, nationality, convictions or belief systems. The document also contains provisions on anti-corruption procedures, as well as a commitment to foster and comply with the rules of fair competition, transparency of business activities, mutual respect, and professionalism. The ‘Core Values and Standards of Conduct’ of PKN ORLEN S.A.,which have also been implemented at the Group companies, complement the Company’s new business strategy by placing an emphasis on building good relationships within the organisation. In 2016, the Company also adopted the PKN ORLEN ‘Supplier Code of Conduct‘.

The Company’s employees and external Stakeholders, such as customers or trading partners, may report any breach or suspected breach of the Company’s core values and standards of conduct connected with any events in the workplace or behaviour of PKN ORLEN’s employees. A variant path has been defined for reporting and analysing information on actual or suspected breaches, depending on the severity and complexity of the problem and on the confidence of the parties involved. A suspected breach of the ‘Core Values and Standards of Conduct‘ of PKN ORLEN S.A. or any ethical dilemmas may be reported to:

Management of the ethical programme is understood to be the implementation of the Company’s core values, the development of suitable mechanisms to support conduct compliant with those values, and building a sense of shared responsibility for ethical conduct.

Issues related to human rights and principles of business ethics are discussed at training sessions, internal meetings and lectures for employees. As part of the Adaptation Programme, new employees are introduced to PKN ORLEN’s core values and standards of conduct by participating in a training game. Training in solving ethical dilemmas is also available on the electronic training platform.

In 2016, the Ethics Officer received no information on any corruption events or behaviour or any conflicts of interest. In the reporting period, there were no cases of discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, age or disability.

Several ORLEN Group companies have appointed ethics committees or ethics officers.

The Company’s employees and external stakeholders, such as customers or trading partners, may report any breach or suspected breach of the Company’s core values and standards of conduct via the corporate website

In order to reinforce the ‘Core Values and Standards of Conduct‘ and promote desirable attitudes and behaviour among the Group’s personnel, a number of initiatives for employees were implemented, including HR programmes and projects based on the core values, the ‘Value Based Management’ evaluation, and the Distinguished PKN ORLEN Employee title awarded for socially-oriented attitudes and observance of the core values. ORLEN Olympics, the annual sports games for employees, are the largest Group-wide project, which combines healthy sport competition based on fair play and the Company’s core values. In the past three years, thousands of PKN ORLEN employees and their families participated in the event. Every year, two thousand employees compete is sport disciplines, and nearly twenty thousand people participate in picnics (in 2016, the picnic was open also to the inhabitants of Płock).

The Employee Volunteering Programme is another project enhancing the corporate culture across the ORLEN Group. The programme was established in 2004, and was developed over the years based on the initiatives suggested by employees. Thanks to the changes to the Employee Volunteering Programme (three schemes and a number of participation options for all employees, regardless of their job and position in the Company), as well as the broad range of activities offered, the number of charity actions and employees involved in the Programme is growing by the year. In 2016 alone, 79 volunteering projects were undertaken, with nearly five thousand employees involved. A new project ‘Good Energy Factory’ was rolled out at the Płock production plant, as part of which 450 production employees provided assistance to those in need (12 repair and overhaul projects for 8 social care institutions) in Płock and its vicinity.

Each project is driven by our core values, which fuels other internal projects such as ‘ORLEN Passion’ (assistance offered to the employees who have specific interests or hobbies), general development training, thematic contests, the Open Doors Day for the families of employees combined with environmental protection, health and safety education, as well as traditional year-end meetings of the Management Board with employees.

PKN ORLEN’s value-based corporate culture is constantly evolving in response to the needs of the ever-changing environment. The welcome direction of the changes and adopted documents were recognised not only in Poland, but also abroad. In 2014, 2015 and 2016, the American Ethisphere Institute awarded the World’s Most Ethical Company title to PKN ORLEN as the only representative of the CEE region in this prestigious ranking. At the same time, PKN ORLEN, as the region’s leader of business ethics, became a partner of the Polish ‘Ethical Company’ competition, whose goal is to create the Polish version of the most ethical companies list.

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