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ORLEN Group 2016 Integrated Report

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CSR strategy implementation


PKN ORLEN is currently implementing its CSR Strategy for 2015–2017, which states that 'value growth should be aligned with the interests of external stakeholders and rely on the sustainable and responsible use of resources'. In practice, this translates into incorporating corporate social responsibility principles in to the process of planning business activities.

By defining measurable CSR objectives, we are able to analyse and assess the outcomes of these activities for the Company and its stakeholders. Based on the ‘Core Values and Standards of Conduct’ of PKN ORLEN, the Strategy seeks to motivate employees to look for new ideas and innovative solutions. While supporting business, it builds a sense of shared responsibility for implementing CSR objectives within the organisation and promotes the idea of responsibility and stakeholder engagement. The Strategy is being implemented across three areas:

The implementation of the CSR Strategy is proceeding as planned. At PKN ORLEN, 16 coordinators are overseeing 55 projects outlined in the Strategy, and ORLEN Group companies have announced 488 CSR activities which are to be carried out. The PKN ORLEN Management Board and the Supervisory Board’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee periodically review the progress of the Strategy. Key elements for the Strategy’s success are the full implementation of the adopted initiatives, educating and inspiring employees, and fostering a sense of responsibility for the impact the Company’s activities and decisions have on the environment.

The CSR Strategy and the projects implemented within its framework are a logical consequence and continuation of the activities undertaken by the ORLEN Group in pursuit of its social goals.

Selected events:








  • Launch of a nationwide social project ‘Gym Class with the Champion’


  • ORLEN among best employers for the fifth time − Top Employer Polska Certificate 2016
  • Best Practices of ANWIL appreciated by the Responsible Business Forum More >>


  • PKN ORLEN among companies awarded the title of the World’s Most Ethical Company, for the third consecutive time More >>
  • PKN ORLEN wins the main award in the ‘I Respond to Poland’ competition
  • 1st edition of the ‘Chemical Studies for the Champions’ programme


  • Announcement of the PKN ORLEN ‘Supplier Code of Conduct’ More >>
  • ORLEN Warsaw Marathon and Charity Run More >>
  • Selection of winners in a crowdsourcing contest held to find innovative solutions improving the energy efficiency of the refinery’s production processes More >>
  • Certification in accordance with the world-renowned ISCC system as confirmation of PKN ORLEN’s compliance with the highest standards of trading in products meeting the sustainability criteria
  • Participation of ORLEN volunteers in the Earth Day


  • Announcement of an internship programme for students of technical universities under a scheme run by the Ministry of Energy
  • ‘Golden CSR Leaf’ award for PKN ORLEN
  • PKN ORLEN at the 6th European Economic Congress More >>
  • International Family Day − participation in the ‘Two Hours for the Family’ campaign
  • 22nd Płock ORLEN Polish Open More >>
  • PKN ORLEN sponsors the Płock Youth Olympics 2016
  • ‘Light School Bag’ project − students of the 4th grade of Primary School No. 23 in Płock receive tablets to use instead of heavy paper coursebooks


  • ORLEN Olympics and Chemists’ Day More >>
  • Cooperation agreement between PKN ORLEN and the Warsaw University of Technology
  • Poland’s first service station without barriers – ORLEN Service Station No. 682 at ul. Solidarności 100 in Warsaw
  • Start of cooperation between PKN ORLEN and the Polish Birds Association under the ‘ORLEN for Eagles’ programme
  • PKN ORLEN sponsors an exhibition of Italian Renaissance masters at the National Museum in Warsaw
  • Cooperation Agreement with the Cracow University of Technology
  • Final round of the ‘Athletic Thursdays’ with PKN ORLEN


  • PKN ORLEN sponsors the Polish Paralympic Committee
  • Publication of the ORLEN Group’s Integrated Report 2015 More >>
  • Start of cooperation with the Kamienica Theatre
  • PKN ORLEN sponsors the 50th Jan Kiepura Festival in Krynica-Zdrój
  • 2nd edition of the competition for the most interesting initiatives under the ORLEN grant programme ‘It’s a Good Idea to Help’
  • Internship programme ‘Headed for ORLEN’
  • Football Holidays with ORLEN, free day camps for children aged 7−15


  • PKN ORLEN sponsors the Polish Olympic Team at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro
  • PKN ORLEN is patron of the ‘Chopin and his Europe’ festival
  • Start of cooperation between PKN ORLEN and mountain rescue organisation GOPR


  • VITAY points can be donated to support initiatives to save Polish eagles
  • PKN ORLEN takes part in the YANOSIK ‘Slow down near Schools’ campaign
  • Charity event during VERVA Street Racing (gathering donations to finance purchase of medical equipment for the University Children’s Hospital in Lublin
  • Occupational Health and Safety Week at the ORLEN Group
  • PKN ORLEN as an industry partner of workshops promoting the UN Sustaiable Development Goals
  • PKN ORLEN at the 26th Economic Forum in Krynica
  • PKN ORLEN as patron of the Gdynia Film Festival


  • Launch of the Ministry of Energy’s internship programme ‘Energy for the Future’
  • First edition of the ORLEN – GIFT FROM THE HEART Foundation’s programme to support hospices in Poland
  • The ORLEN Group 2015 Integrated Report with most points ever and four prizes in ‘The Best Annual Report 2015’ competition
  • Śiwatowy dzień GodnościGlobal Dignity Day
  • ORLEn Lietuva spoORLEN Lietuva sponsors the Polish Film Festival in Vilnius, Lithuania
  • II edycja 2nd edition of the ‘For Eagles’ scholarship programme
  • 10th edition of the ‘ORLEN Safe Roads’ scheme


  • Final round of the next edition of the ‘My Above Average Interests’ scholarship programme for children in junior high schools and secondary schools in the city of Płock and the County of Płock
  • Winners named in the ‘Grant Fund for Płock’ Foundation’s competition (7th edition for NGOs, 2nd edition for individuals and informal groups)
  • Workshops for caregivers running family group homes
  • End of the pilot edition of the ‘Valuable Gym Class’ competition
  • PKN ORLEN at the 6th CSR Fair
  • 10th edition of ‘Become a Santa Claus’ Helper – Make Someone’s Dreams Come True’, a Christmas initiative of the ORLEN Volunteering Programme
  • 6th edition of the ‘ORLEN Knowledge Day’ educational event
  • Tests of an innovative technology for removing volatile organic compounds from polluted air streams through biodegradation of odour compounds by bacteria
  • PKN ORLEN at the 590 Congress ‘Free the Polish Business Potential’ in Rzeszów
  • Free swimming lessons for children from 4th to 6th grade and persons aged 40+ living in Płock


  • PKN ORLEN’s new online platform ‘Innovations, Start-ups’
  • ‘Yes to Safety’ social campaign by the ORLEN – GIFT FROM THE HEART Foundation
  • Completion of the next edition of a programme to support fire brigades
  • PKN ORLEN and the Płock Branch of the Warsaw University of Technology distinguished for Best Practices in Business, Education, and Science
  • PKN ORLEN partners the 2nd Industrial Forum in Karpacz
  • ORLEN Group at the ‘Nafta/Chemia 2016’ conference
  • ‘Gardens of Light’ for Płock residents

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