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ORLEN Group 2016 Integrated Report

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Diversity and equal opportunities


The objective of building value-driven organisational culture which takes into account diversity aspects is addressed by our HR Strategy and CSR Strategy.

Diversity-related matters are governed by the following corporate documents:

Those documents set out the rules concerning:

Implementation of PKN ORLEN’s diversity policy also takes the form of:

The regulations and solutions listed above have been or are being implemented at other ORLEN Group companies as well.

The Management Board and the Supervisory Board of the parent PKN ORLEN include members qualified in law, economics, chemistry and energy, with diverse work experience.

As at December 31st 2016, the Company’s Management Board consisted of six men and the Supervisory Board consisted of two women and five men.

The diagram below presents members of the Management and Supervisory Boards of the ORLEN Group companies by sex and age.

Proportion of women and men among members of Management and Supervisory Boards of the ORLEN Group companies:

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