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ORLEN Group 2016 Integrated Report

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Implementation of investment projects


Capital expenditure by segment [PLNm]                                                             Capital expenditure by market [%]

Major investment projects pursued in 2016 included:


  • Construction of CCGTs with related auxiliary infrastructure in Włocławek and Płock,
  • Construction of new polyethylene unit (PE3) in Litvínov,
  • Construction of metathesis unit in Płock.

  • Launch of 70 service stations (including CODO stations: 35 in Poland, 10 in Germany and 25 in the Czech Republic),
  • Upgrade and rebranding of 67 service stations (including CODO stations: 50 in Poland, 11 in the Czech Republic and 6 in Germany),
  • Opening of 133 new Stop Cafes, Stop Cafe Bistros and Stop Cafes 2.0 in Poland and the Czech Republic.

  • Canada – PLN 344m / Poland – PLN 181m.

Assessment of project implementation

The ORLEN Group manages its capex structure taking into account the market environment, and focuses on the most effective investment projects.
The ORLEN Group has a stable financial position and sufficient cash flows and available financing sources to implement its investment plans.

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