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ORLEN Group 2016 Integrated Report

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Market outlook in 2017


 Expected macroeconomic environment

Expected market trends

Legislative changes

Investments of the ORLEN Group

Major growth projects in 2017:


  • Construction of new polyethylene unit (PE3) in Litvínov.
  • Construction of CCGT and related auxiliary infrastructure in Płock.
  • Construction of metathesis unit in Płock.


  • Construction of new service stations.
  • Incorporation of 40 OMV stations into the network in the Czech Republic.
  • Upgrade of the stations and development of non-fuel offering.

  • Continuation of exploration and production projects in Poland and Canada.
  • Capital expenditure − Canada: 50%, Poland: 50%.


Scheduled maintenance shutdowns at the ORLEN Group in 2017:

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