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ORLEN Group 2016 Integrated Report

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ORLEN Group’s Structure



For management purposes, the ORLEN Group is divided into the 3 operating segments: Downstream, Retail, Upstream and Corporate Functions.

The ORLEN Group includes PKN ORLEN as the Parent Company and entities located in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Malta, Sweden, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, the USA and Canada.

As at 31 December 2016 the ORLEN Group consisted of 70 companies, including 59 subsidiaries.

PKN ORLEN as the Parent Company of the Group is a multisegment entity, appropriately allocated to all operating segments and Corporate Functions.

Capital and organisational relations in the ORLEN Group as at 31 December 2016:

The ORLEN Group is striving to strengthen the position of its companies in the area of their primary activities and to extend the energy segment. At the same time is focusing on the improvement of management, restructuring and consolidation of assets.

The purpose of these measures is to increase the market value of the ORLEN Group, to strengthen its position on the parent markets, as well as to extend its supply chain. The primary developmental investments aim at further expanding the product portfolio and the degree of conversion, generating new energy powers and prudent continuation of projects related to the exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons.

Holding management principles, i.e. solutions aiming at the implementation of shared goals for companies in the ORLEN Group, defined by the Parent Company, were implemented to ensure effective management. The solution has been implemented on the basis of the ORLEN Group’s Constitution stipulating three key regulations: the Agreement for Cooperation, the Group Regulations, and the provisions of ORLEN Group company Statutes/Agreement.

The Constitution provided for the standardisation of exchange of information, effective monitoring of key business decisions, as well as for the standardisation of organisation norms. Furthermore, the Constitution defines the legal basis for the formation of a cohesive strategy for the ORLEN Group.

Effective PKN ORLEN corporate supervision over the companies of the Group is based on the supervision of their operating activity, as well as their financial and formal-legal supervision.

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