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ORLEN Group 2016 Integrated Report

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Our Stakeholders


The ORLEN Group’s relations with Stakeholders are built on responsibility, transparency and dialogue. To ensure the highest quality of relations with the stakeholders, the methods and frequency of communication are tailored to the characteristics and current expectations of each stakeholder group.

As part of our work on this Integrated Report, we again reviewed the ORLEN Group’s Stakeholder Map. Our analysis showed that the stakeholder base has been rather stable for many years. Internal consultations and the survey allowed us to identify those ORLEN Group stakeholders who at the next stage of the map review were classified as key or important stakeholders. Representatives of various areas of the ORLEN Group’s business were involved in the review. As a result of the review, a new stakeholder group was added – innovators and startups. The following have been identified as key stakeholders: employees, shareholders, customers and the State Treasury.

grey - important Stakeholders
red - key Stakeholders

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