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ORLEN Group 2016 Integrated Report

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Shares and shareholding structure


PKN ORLEN shares are quoted on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange in the continuous quoting system and are included in WIG, WIG20, WIG30, WIG-Poland and WIG-FUELS – the industry index.

Since 19 November 2009 PKN ORLEN`s shares have been included in the index of companies engaged in corporate social responsibility, this is called the RESPECT Index.

The share capital of PKN ORLEN is divided into 427 709 061 ordinary bearer shares with a nominal value of PLN 1.25. The ownership rights of PKN ORLEN’s shares are fully transferable.

PKN ORLEN shareholders1:

Based on disclosures for the PKN ORLEN Extraordinary General Meeting of January 24th 2017.

In 2016 the largest companies stock market index WIG20 increased by 4.8% (y/y), while the WIG index increased by 11.4% (y/y). In this period PKN ORLEN’s share price increased by 25.7% (y/y. In 2016, 265 965 219 shares changed hands on the market, that is 18% less in comparison to 2015.

Key data regarding PKN ORLEN’s share

Key data Unit 2016 2015 2014 change %
1 2 3 4 5 6=(3-4)/4
Net profit attributable to equity owners of the Parent Company mln PLN 5 261 2 837 (5 811) 85.4%
Highest share price1 PLN 87.17 85.25 49.50 2.3%
Lowest share price1 PLN 57.64 47.75 36.88 20.7%
Share price at the year-end1 PLN 85.30 67.85 48.92 25.7%
Average price in the period1 PLN 68.56 65.84 42.26 4.1%
P/E ratio average2   5.6 9.9 ( 3.1) (43.4%)
P/E ratio at the end of the year   6.9 10.2 (3.6) (32.4%)
Number of shares Item 427 709 061 427 709 061 427 709 061 0.0%
Capitalisation at year end PLN mn 36 484 29 020 20 924 25.7%
Average daily trading value PLN mn 73 86 34 (15.1%)
Average daily trading volume Item 1 059 622 1 288 482 796 614 (17.8%)

1) Share price according to a closing share price.
2) P/E – stock market price / EPS.

The list of financial institutions which issue recommendations and reports relating to the shares of PKN ORLEN1

Situated in Poland Situated outside of Poland
BDM Haitong Bank Bank of America Merrill Lynch Morgan Stanley
BOŚ Ipopema Berenberg Raiffeisen
BZ WBK mBank Concorde Securities Renaissance Capital
Citi PKOBP Erste Societe Generale
Deutsche Bank Vestor Goldman Sachs UBS
    HSBC UniCredit
    J.P. Morgan Wood

1) As at the date of 3 February 2017.

Current list of recommendations issued for the Company’s shares is available on the corporate website under:

Key events alongside the quotations of PKN ORLEN in 2016:

Source: Own calculations based on data from portal

Quotations of PKN ORLEN on WSE in 1999 – 2016:

Source: Own calculations based on data from portal

Quotations of PKN ORLEN, WIG20 and WIG-FUELS on WSE in 20161

1) Percentage change of quotations of PKN ORLEN, WIG 20 in relation to the listing of 30 December 2015.
Source: Own calculations based on data from portal

Dividend policy

The dividend policy assumed a gradual increase in the level of dividend per share by taking into account the implementation of strategic financial indicators and forecasts of the macroeconomic situation. This method does not relate the dividend to net profit, which in the ORLEN Group’s area of operations is subject to high fluctuations and can include non‑cash items, such as the revaluation of assets, inventories or loans and as a result does not fully reflect the Group’s current financial situation.

The recommendation of profit distribution for PKN ORLEN for 2016 is presented in point of the Consolidated Financial Statement for 2016.

Information on dividends paid out by PKN ORLEN in previous years can be found on the Company’s corporate website at

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