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ORLEN Group 2016 Integrated Report

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Business strategies are expected to address the challenges posed by civilisational changes, progress and advancement, and evolving stakeholder expectations. Responsible leadership and consequently, the sustainable growth of a business, is the right way to mitigate risks, build trust in the brand and enhance company reputation. Responsible management across the ORLEN Group is driven by our awareness of the Company’s impact on its immediate and more distant environment, and predictions concerning the consequences of these effects and the burden to be borne by future generations.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The ORLEN Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy states that value growth should be aligned with the interests of external stakeholders and rely on sustainable and responsible use of resources.

The CSR strategy identifies three principal areas of activity – Organisation, Close Environment and Distant Environment. In the first area; Organisation, the key goal is to build lasting relationships with employees based on diversity, a sense of security, development opportunities, as well as combining social and professional roles. In the Close Environment, priority is given to developing the social conscience and a sense of responsibility in our trading partners and customers through sharing best practices and knowledge, and implementing the most exacting CSR standards. In the Distant Environment, PKN ORLEN promotes innovation and fosters the highest industry standards in business ethics and environmental protection.

As part of the first area, the ORLEN Group strives to create a culture based on trust, equal opportunities and fair treatment of all employees regardless of sex, age, job position, length of service, trade union membership, religion, nationality, belief system, physical appearance or sexual orientation. The Group follows transparent human rights and non-discrimination policies and is committed to ensuring a mutually beneficial work-life balance.

Key activities in the strategy’s second area, namely activities related to promoting the development of a social conscience and a sense of responsibility, include employee volunteering projects. The assumptions underlying the Employee Volunteering Programme have been revised, and now it is also open to initiatives put forward by the employees. By expanding the catalogue of activities, the Group has been able to steadily increase both the number of charity campaigns and of participating employees.

Innovative projects seeking to reduce the ORLEN Group’s environmental footprint represent the third pillar of the CSR strategy. Corporate environmental responsibility is much more than just compliance with environmental laws and regulations or undertaking educational projects addressed to employees, customers, suppliers and local communities. It also encompasses implementation of environmental management systems and investing in innovative, environment-friendly technologies which bring benefits and are a source of competitive advantage on the market.




Employee Volunteering Programme

Our Employee Volunteering Programme has operated since 2004 and has become a fixed element of our corporate culture. It comprises three different programmes and forms of engagement – grant-giving, integration and campaigns, through which the employer provides financial, expert and organisational support for social and charitable activities initiated and carried out by employees.

In 2016, employees combined training sessions with assistance to those in need by signing up for the ‘We Act Together to Help’ voluntary scheme. Those initiatives produced tangible results as the volunteers renovated facilities and cleaned up the grounds of day care centres, erected playgrounds, organised educational workshops and sports activities.

2016 also saw the inauguration of the ‘Good Energy Factory’ voluntary scheme, under which employees of the Płock production plant carried out renovation and construction work for the local community. Last year, a total of 450 volunteers implemented 8 major renovation projects with enormous scopes of work – renovation of playgrounds and green areas, as well as over 40 rooms used daily by nearly 500 children from care and education facilities.

The Company’s employees received grants to implement their own social initiatives for local communities under the ‘It’s a Good Idea to Help’ grant programme. For instance, they helped patients of hospices and hospitals and organised workshops for children.

In addition, they also carried out two large environmental campaigns involving entire families. One, to mark Earth Day, involved cleaning up the Vistula river bank in Płock, the other, in Warsaw, restoring the ecosystem of the Czerniakowskie Lake.

As the year drew to a close, the spotlight was on the 10th edition of the Christmas volunteering project ‘Become a Santa Claus’ Helper – Make Someone’s Dreams Come True’. As part of the project, employees purchased and donated more than 1,500 Christmas gifts for children under the care of day care centres, orphanages and foster family group homes in different regions of Poland.

In 2016, ORLEN volunteering initiatives attracted more than 2,000 volunteers, including employees of the Company and the service stations as well as their family members, who all came together to complete almost 80 social projects and supported nearly 4,000 beneficiaries.

Charitable ORLEN

In line with the Charitable Giving Policy, the ORLEN Group remains open to the world and people, and is committed to responding where help is needed.

Charity projects are pursued directly by ORLEN Group companies, as well as through the ORLEN – GIFT FROM THE HEART Foundation and the ANWIL for Włocławek Foundation. They form an important part of the Company’s CSR strategy. In our charity activities we focus on two priorities: to improve the quality of life and health, and promote education and youth development.

a) Charity activities of the ORLEN Group
PKN ORLEN has pioneered support for local communities within the framework of cross-sectoral cooperation, with a view to improving the quality of life in the areas where the Company operates. The programme is addressed mainly to local NGOs that run innovative projects for local communities, but a few years ago it was also opened up to individuals. This helped to foster productive relationships with NGOs, as well as local residents and authorities. The projects pursued aim to improve the quality and standard of life, promote equal opportunities, and establish partnerships. They support entrepreneurship based on capabilities and competencies.

The cross-sectoral cooperation project relies on the know-how provided by the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme). In Płock, it is managed by the Grant Fund for Płock Foundation launched by the Płock municipal authorities, PKN ORLEN and Basell Orlen Polyolefins. The Good Neighbourhood Grant Fund for Ostrów Wielkopolski Association pursues its goals in a similar fashion.

The Company also embarks on new projects. In 2016, PKN ORLEN became one of the sponsors of the Polish National Foundation, whose goal is to promote and protect Poland’s economy and image. The Company also sponsored World Youth Day, a religious, cultural and social event, with our donations financing activities related to the work of volunteers and accessibility facilities for the disabled.

In 2016, ORLEN Group companies carried out charity activities in accordance with the adopted rules. Thirteen of them partnered with the ORLEN – GIFT FROM THE HEART Foundation. Their donations were allocated to healthcare purposes, rehabilitation, social assistance, sports activities, education and science.

Particularly noteworthy are collaborative programmes carried out by multiple ORLEN Group companies under the auspices of the ORLEN – GIFT FROM THE HEART Foundation, such as the fire service assistance programme and a scholarship programme for talented children of ORLEN Group employees.

Apart from providing financial support in cash, the ORLEN Group also makes in-kind donations. Group companies help members of their closest environment by donating their own products or quality equipment that is no longer used. For example, ANWIL supplies its beneficiaries with fertilizers, and in 2016 also donated retired fire trucks. ORLEN Upstream donated office furniture to a medical facility and PKN ORLEN’s beneficiaries received a fire suppression agent and computers.

b) Customer involvement
In accordance with its CSR strategy, PKN ORLEN strives to involve customers in charity initiatives. Since 2006, they have been offered the opportunity to donate VITAY points to support foster family group homes.

In 2016, members of the VITAY programme donated over 10.5m points, and the proceeds were used to provide school supplies to children from foster family group homes, finance their rehabilitation, fund annual scholarships to the most talented ones, and equip all facilities with fire protection equipment. By donating VITAY points, customers help nurture the talents of children under the care of foster family group homes and support their entry into adult life. To become part of the campaign, they simply need to select the option ‘500 points for foster family group homes’ from the VITAY catalogue.The points are then converted into specific amounts and used to finance the children’s needs.

Since 2015, the VITAY programme has also offered its members an opportunity to support environmental initiatives. In 2016 alone, customers donated over 2.5m VITAY points. The cash equivalent of the points was allocated to finance animal care, treatment and rehabilitation for eagles, and planting of trees in urban areas.

c) Foundations
There are two foundations operating within the ORLEN Group. The first is the ORLEN GIFT FROM THE HEART Foundation. Established by PKN ORLEN in 2001, it is one of corporate foundations with the longest presence in Poland. In 2014, the ANWIL for Włocławek Foundation was set up by ANWIL.

The activities of the ORLEN GIFT FROM THE HEART Foundation are centered on a few specific areas. The key programme, run since the Foundation’s inception, seeks to promote foster families in the form of foster family group homes. The broad range of activities in that area are undertaken to improve awareness of this form of foster care and provide practical and financial support. The Foundation supports some 350 foster family group homes − almost half of all such institutions in Poland, as well as care and education facilities. They have over 2,500 children under their care. The Foundation also provides assistance to the most talented of those children by offering scholarship programmes, and helps whole families by organising winter and summer holiday recreational activities and providing them with short-term help in the form of donations. Foster parents are offered an opportunity to improve their qualifications during annual conferences.

The Foundation also runs scholarship programmes. In 2015, it operated six such programmes, in addition to those addressed to children in foster family group homes and special scholarships. A project that enjoys strong popularity on a local scale is ‘My Above-Average Interests’ for students of colleges and high schools in Płock and its county. The ‘Masters of Chemistry” scholarship is addressed towards the most talented students with outstanding performance in hard sciences, in particular chemistry. The ‘LIFE TO THE FULL’ programme supports Paralympic athletes, the best Polish athletes with disabilities, and gold medallists from the 2012 Summer Paralympic Games in London. In 2016, it was joined by new Paralympians, medallists at the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The scholarships are awarded to athletes whose success demonstrates that overcoming disability barriers is possible.

Another area of the Foundation’s activity is safety issues, with assistance provided to institutions having safety at the core of their mission. Also, for several years the Foundation has conducted a social campaign ‘NO’ TO SMOKE, encouraging people to ensure safety at their own homes and in their immediate environment.

The Foundation also carries out many activities aimed at promoting culture, science and national traditions. It grants support in the form of financial and in-kind donations and fuel cards chiefly to educational and cultural institutions, parishes, NGOs and municipal offices as well as interest clubs organised by those institutions across Poland, especially in the areas where ORLEN Group companies operate.

The Foundation’s statutory activities include the co-financing of projects that promote sports and physical fitness. Many of these projects are addressed towards children and the youth. Donations have helped the Foundation’s beneficiaries to organise sports camps, participate in games and tournaments, and purchase sports equipment necessary for professional practice and sports activities.

In line with the Charitable Giving Policy, the ORLEN – GIFT FROM THE HEART Foundation also provides support to charity initiatives undertaken by ORLEN Group companies, with a particular focus on problems of local communities.

In 2016, the ORLEN – GIFT FROM THE HEART Foundation celebrated its 15th anniversary, and commemorated this fact by launching a new programme addressed at hospices. Under the programme, eight facilities put forward by PKN ORLEN employees received donations totalling PLN 100,000. The programme’s secondary goal is to promote volunteerism.

Through the ANWIL for Włocławek Foundation, ANWIL provides support to many projects whose overriding objective is to improve the quality of healthcare, safety services, education and sports. Since 2014, in line with its mission to support local initiatives in order to change the future of Włocławek, the Foundation has offered assistance to a wide range of projects for the benefit of the city’s inhabitants. It helps implement projects in various areas, including education, healthcare, environmental protection, safety, sports, culture and arts. The Foundation provides assistance to business circles and initiatives designed to improve the economic growth of Włocławek. It particularly focuses on projects targeted at young people.

In 2004, the Museum of Oil and Gas Industry in Bóbrka Foundation was founded on the initiative of PKN ORLEN, PGNiG and STIPNiG. The Foundation is involved in documenting the history of the oil industry. Thanks to regular donations and technical support, the Museum is able to thrive, offering modern multimedia forms of touring and collecting new exhibits.

Social projects

In 2016, the focus of social projects was directed towards several areas.

One was the sponsorship of projects supporting national culture and protecting the national heritage, and specifically initiatives promoting the art of cinematography, theatre, music and literature. As a national Company, PLN ORLEN supported major Polish institutions and cultural projects, such as: the Fryderyk Chopin Institute, National Museum in Warsaw, Jan Kiepura Festival in Krynica-Zdrój, and the Film Festival in Gdynia. PKN ORLEN also partnered with the Kamienica Theatre of Warsaw.

Another important area of social activity was education. As a leader in the petrochemical industry, we apply our extensive expertise towards the promotion of education and knowledge of science, especially chemistry. This involves participation in scientific initiatives (congresses, conferences, competitions) designed to facilitate knowledge transfer and the initiation of measures aimed at encouraging children and teenagers to learn and acquire new skills. To this end, we helped to organise the next edition of the ‘My Above-Average Interests’ scholarship programme for the most talented teenagers in and around Płock, as well as a series of scientific conferences and seminars in cooperation with the Płock branch of the Warsaw University of Technology.

Another strategic area of our social efforts was initiatives aiming to improve safety on Polish roads. As we operate in an area closely tied to the automotive industry, we have implemented a number of initiatives to improve road safety. One of them is the ‘ORLEN Safe Roads’ campaign launched in 2006. In 2016, we organised the ‘Big Driver’s License Test’ in partnership with TVP, the public television network. The project seeks to encourage proper behaviour, translating into improved road safety. Also, members of the VITAY programme were invited to donate their points for the financing of upgrades to pedestrian crossings located near educational facilities.

PKN ORLEN partnered with the mountain rescue organisation GOPR, and implemented the ‘ORLEN for Eagles’ programme designed to protect the Polish eagle population. Having in mind the need to maintain a healthy work-life balance, the Company joined the ‘Two Hours for the Family’ project.

PKN ORLEN also provided assistance to a number of initiatives related to national remembrance and tradition, such as the ‘Patria Nostra’ history competition, targeted at junior and senior high school students and seeking to promote Polish history and foster patriotic values and behaviour. PKN ORLEN also lent its support to the ‘Guardian of Memory’ project, which honours persons and institutions who have made an outstanding contribution to preserving and restoring the memory of important events in Poland’s history. On a local scale, the Company participated in the ‘Indomitable Soldiers of Mazovia’ scientific conference.

We are also active in promoting the Polish economy and popularising Poland in the international arena. PKN ORLEN was one of the sponsors of the ‘590 Congress’, a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences between specialists in business, science, politics and legislation. In an effort to promote Polish companies and Polish products, we assisted in the implementation of such projects as: ‘Poland’s 200 Largest Companies’, ‘100% Polish’, ‘I Buy It Because It’s Polish’ and ‘Poland’s Compass’. With a view to popularising Polish culture and arts, as well as to establish positive relationships with our Chinese partners, PKN ORLEN sponsored the 1st edition of the ‘Polish Circles of Art in China’ festival.

PKN ORLEN is strongly committed to pursuing efforts designed to counteract social exclusion and promote equal opportunities, in particular with respect to the employment of people with disabilities, children from disadvantaged families and people from the 55+ age group. One expression of our involvement in helping the needy is our support for charitable social initiatives, as well as those promoting rehabilitation for people with motor or intellectual disabilities through sports. We continued our partnership with the Integration Foundation, working to help the disabled, by sponsoring the ‘People without Obstacles’ competition. PKN ORLEN also took part in the 22nd edition of the Płock ORLEN Polish Open, an international tennis tournament for disabled persons.

The Company also actively collaborated with local communities, particularly in Płock and other places where it operates, these activities include dedicated partnership programmes such as ‘ORLEN for Płock’, seeking to improve the quality of life of Płock’s inhabitants. The programme witnessed the continued implementation of projects in cooperation with the Płock Municipality and NGOs, and the initiation of a few projects with social partners, including ‘Football Holidays with Orlen, ‘Safe Holidays with ORLEN’, and free swimming lessons. PKN ORLEN also continued partnerships under the Grant Fund for Płock Foundation, which supports projects dedicated to the town’s residents and related to sports, social assistance and culture. The Foundation is also active in the area of streetwork in Płock, helping children exposed to an increased risk of social exclusion. In 2016, a large portion of our charitable, sponsorship and CSR activities were focused on supporting rescue services, the Police, the Fire Service and the Voluntary Water Rescue Service, as well as cultural institutions such as the Płock Symphonic Orchestra, Museum of Mazovia and the Dramatic Theatre, education was also supported through continued partnership with the Płock Branch of the Warsaw University of Technology. PKN ORLEN also sponsored the ORLEN Wisła Płock handball team and provided assistance to the Wisła Płock football team.

Promoting sports and healthy living

Being Poland’s largest company, we feel responsible for supporting Polish national sports and teams, which bring so much joy and excitement to so many Poles, and we fully appreciate the importance of promoting amateur sports as well as stressing the importance of living healthy and active lifestyles.

For many years now, PKN ORLEN has been supporting some of the sports disciplines closest to Poles’ hearts: field and track, volleyball and motor sports. The Company is also involved in promoting sports among children and teenagers by organising events addressed specifically towards this target group.

Key programmes and projects:

Participation in the public debate

We have continued our proprietary platform for communicating and discussing the most important social, economic and political issues – Future Fuelled by Knowledge.

The overarching goal of this project is to trigger the transfer of knowledge, indicate possible courses of action and identify specific solutions to complex problems. We pursue these goals by such initiatives as organising conferences and panel discussions on various subjects, and publishing comprehensive expert reports. In 2016, PKN ORLEN co-organised and actively participated in debates, which included being part of the Economic Forum in Krynica and the ‘590 Congress’ in Rzeszów.

Conclusions formulated during the above events, the most important expert opinions and summaries are presented on the Future Fuelled by Knowledge website ( The website publishes comprehensive analytical reports on crucial issues and challenges in the industry. One example is the ‘Game of Innovation’ report published in 2016.

An important element of the Future Fuelled by Knowledge project is the blog of Mr Adam Czyżewski, PKN ORLEN’s Chief Economist. Using this channel, the Company’s expert explains, in an easy to understand manner, complex macroeconomic processes and how they affect our daily lives, fuel prices, stability of the economy, and the growth of the energy sector.

To reach a broader audience with its communication concerning the Company and its activities as part of Future Fuelled by Knowledge, for the past four years the ORLEN Group has been also active on Twitter. This corporate profile allows the Company to comment on major economic and industry developments in real-time, as well as sharing information concerning the day-to-day operations of the ORLEN Group.

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